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Farmer’s market 09

The Norman Farmer’s Market is in it’s 20th year.  After going three out of four weeks I notice that:

  1. There really isn’t much locally grown stuff offered right now – mostly resale. The last two weeks I’ve been looking for asparagus, but either no one is growing it, or they’re selling it to restaurants, or they sell out by 8:15. Spinach was $3 a lb, and I have plenty of that in my own garden.
  2. Most people are selling plants, both vegetables and ornamentals. There is this one lady who has these large tomato, eggplant and pepper plants (in large Slurpee cups) for $1 each. She has a great variety, too. I’ve bought four different eggplants from her.
  3. There are a lot more heirloom and native varieties being offered. Two years ago all you could find were Early Girl and Better Boy tomatoes. Last year I couln’t find any poblano peppers. Now everyone has a good or even excellent selection of eggplants, peppers, chiles, and tomatoes. I bought a Juliet tomato yesterday, ’cause I don’t know if any of the ones I’ve grown are a cherry type. (I planted seven that came from a Burpee Mixed Heirloom package. Sort of pot-luck.)

Other observations on the state of garden supplies and selection:

  1. Ellison’s Feed has started carrying a lot more organic fertilizers, pest control, etc. I bought a huge bag of diotamaceous earth from them last week, and some pyrethrum powder.
  2. Atwood’s has some very cool heirloom tomato varieties from Chef Jeff’s. I bought a Black Krim yesterday, which I’ve never seen here before. They had some other varieties I’d like to try (Old German), but I don’t have enough room in the garden.

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