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Attack of the Swiss chard

When little else is available in the garden, I can always count on the Swiss chard. Right now the the amount of chard and kale is just a little overwhelming. Last Sunday I made two deep dish quiche with kale. Mike and I ate one and we took the other down to Mom, Dad, Kay, and Harley. So what else can I do with this abundance?

Last fall I made some amazingly good chard and feta fried turnovers using  sauteed chard, garlic, and onion, a little Monterey Jack  and feta cheese, and all wrapped up in a samosa dough. I have an Atlas pasta machine, so rolling the dough out very thin is easy. Then I used my potsticker press (medium size) to make little pies, and fried them in vegetable oil. I don’t have any feta in the cheese drawer presently, but I do have a large chunk of asiago, and some of that goat cheddar from Colorado, which will probably do in a pinch ; )

sweetpeaThe sweet pea vines on the back fence are so thick and heavy that I worry about them pulling the lattice off.  Several years ago I had just about given up trying to grow these old-fashioned flowers. I’m not sure what happened to encourage them, but now I’m a little concerned that they are too happy in the garden! (I supose I should pull them out and plant cucumbers or something edible, but I can’t bear to do that.)


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