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Leek forward

Leek seedlings

Every darn seed came up!

The title for this post, if you don’t get it, is a corny play on words – leap forward (as in spring forward) which is what we will did today as we switched to daylight savings time. [Wow! It seems like only yesterday that we did the fall back procedure.]  But why leek?  Because I have been contemplating how to deal with an excess of leeks in my garden, of course! Besides having ready-to-harvest leeks that overwintered, I have young leeks taking up a whole garden bed, and more seedlings that I

Young leeks

Young leeks

am trying to give away. You see, I saved some seed from last year’s crop, and because I wasn’t sure how well they would germinate, I overplanted. And because I can’t stand to pull out and throw away a viable plant… So I’ve scoped out some recipes and thought up some of my own. I added arugula into the search since I have an excess of that too.  Speaking of which, I just read that Obama was called elitist for eating/ordering/planting arugula, which is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard. I consider arugula (aka rocket)  a weed!

Of course there is leek and potato soup or vichyssoise, which I made last week. Here are some other ideas I came up with:

  • Arugula and Leek Quesadilla
    Mature leeks

    Ready to eat

    • Saute the leeks and arugula in  olive oil  first. Use Pepper Jack cheese or cheddar with sliced jalapenos.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Leek and Arugula
    • On sourdough bread, naturally. Saute the leeks and arugula in butter or olive oil with garlic first.
  • Mac & Cheese with Leeks
  • Leek and Arugula Lasagna
  • Leek and Arugula Fried Pies
  • Leek and Veggie Pakoras

For your further amusement, check out this blog post about the history of leek growing clubs and shows in England. Near the end of this long post there are some leek recipes. Mike and I are going to this part of England in May. I wonder if there are still any leek clubs there?


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