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In praise of chickens

Although we live in the center of town we keep five hens in our backyard. No one has every complained, and we keep them sort of hidden where they aren’t too obvious. But still I hear people walking down the alley saying “Did you know they have chickens in their backyard?” Anyway, I love our chickens! Shall I count the ways?

Rhode Island Red chicken

  1. They take up very little room
  2. They’re the best recyclers for kitchen scraps, old leftovers, garden weeding thinning, etc.
  3. After they’ve had their way with the items above, the cleanings go into the compost pile and heat it up fast.
  4. Their poo goes into manure tea for my garden seedlings.
  5. Eggs! Big, big, organic, intense yellow yolked eggs!
  6. Entertaining – they are fun to watch.

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