Okie beer is here

Beer brew equip 2- Aric

Photo credit: Aric Nelson, 2012

Mike and Eleanor and I attended the Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival last Friday night at the Cox Center in OKC. Although I am a lightweight when it comes to beer*, it was fun and satisfying to see so many good Oklahoma beers being brewed. Coop had a huge selection, as did Norman’s own 405 Brewing Company. Prairie Artisan had a five brews, including their Bomb! There were also out-of-state breweries like Left Hand, Tallgrass, Founders, Great Divide etc. Mike had a grand ole time, especially talking to the new startups. Just last week the Oklahoma legislature passed a law that will really help Oklahoma craft breweries, and encourage even more to stake their claim. Cost of living is cheap in Oklahoma  y’all, and the OKC metro is booming. Get on over here!

*I’m not a fan of IPAs and other hoppy beers. I love the smell of these beers, but not the bitterness. And I do not like Belgians and sours. (I tried a sip of farmhouse ale and immediately spit it out – what the hell was that?!)  To each his own. I prefer unfiltered wheats, blondes, and mild brown ales. My picks from Friday night were:


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