Peachy dilemma

So our last peach tree is ready for harvesting, and we’re trying to figure out what to do with them. They aren’t as tasty as they’ve been in the past, and they don’t live up to their huge, juicy, intensely flavored predecessors  this year. Why not?

I guess we should have thinned these out...

I guess we should have thinned these out…

I think that the main factor is that the tree is way too overloaded. We tend to let nature do the thinning –  windstorms, hailstorms, microbursts, squirrels, etc. But this summer none of those weather events happened, and there are very few squirrels in the neighborhood (maybe because Mississippi Kites have taken up residence?). Somehow this tree held on to every fruit up until the bitter end.

Also, we’ve had a somewhat cooler than normal spring and summer. All the fruit and veggies are about two to three weeks behind schedule. I’m not complaining about this at all, by-the-way!

Anyway, here we have scads of mediocre peaches on our hands. (Mediocre is a relative term. Compared to grocery store peaches these are just fine.) This morning I cut one up and sprinkled it generously with sugar – which we usually avoid – then waited a few minutes. Ahhh… that did the trick. They will do just fine in peach leather, peach gelee, spiced peach butter, and canned in a rum syrup. And of course I can always make more peach chutney and peach salsa.

Oh, and the same as last year, we’ve had virtually no insect damage on our peaches this year. Yeah for sparrows at the bird feeders!

You knew there was a reason you'd been hoarding those bottle caps!

You knew there was a reason you’d been hoarding those bottle caps!

Last weekend was our 35th wedding anniversary (Good grief, we must be getting old!), and we stayed at Pecan Valley Inn B&B near Davis, Oklahoma. What an awesome job Janet Charalampous has done with restoring this historic mansion!

Hmmm, this cart looks familiar...

Hmmm, this cart looks familiar…

On the drive down and  back we stopped at antique stores in Purcell, Paul’s Valley,  Davis, and Duncan. We bought a few “treasures” but mostly marveled at how much of this stuff we already have. We visited the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center which was fun, and something I’d love to do with our granddaughter some day.


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  1. Although the first peaches off of this tree were a little meh, they seemed to get better and better. The tree held on to them into September, and they were amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever had better peaches!

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