August 2013

pizzaLunch today looked so good I had to snap a pic. Isn’t this the way you should feel every day? : )

Pictured is a personal pizza with homemade ricotta cheese*, and basil, garlic, and cherry tomatoes from the garden. Plus one of the many cucumbers from the garden marinated in a nam prik-style vinaigrette.  After I gobbled this up I enjoyed a couple of fresh figs (not pictured).

*The milk I was going to put in my coffee had gone sour, so I made ricotta out of it. It’s gotten me all excited about making cheese, and I think I’ll be doing a lot of ordering from this website. Cheese making results in a lot of whey, so I’ve bookmarked this site too.

Right now we are coping with a glut of cucumbers, figs, and peaches. Not a bad problem to have, I guess! I’m trying all sorts of new cucumber recipes, like cucumber kimchi and stir-fried cucumbers (really delicious, using Armenian cucumbers). We’ve put up frozen peaches, canned peaches, peach butter, peach chutney, and peach salsa. I’m going to try my hand at some fig butter, and last week Mike bought a new dehydrator which has been running non-stop with peaches and figs (oh-so-good in breakfast oatmeal!).

One reason for the bumper crop of peaches and figs is the relatively mild summer we’ve had. After last year’s record-breaking heat this feels like paradise. Cooler temperatures and rain have made Oklahoma lush and green in August, when it’s usually parched and yellow. I drove I-40 to Nashville last week, and you would have thought it was May. Last night I actually had to pull a blanket on me! (Our house is not air-conditioned, we just have fans.)


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