Brown Turkey figsI was going to complain about the heat, but then I spotted ripe figs on our tree! You can’t buy fresh figs at the grocery in Oklahoma, only at specialty markets. Few people know that you can even grow figs here (I’ve even seen them growing in St. Louis). When Mike was growing up his family had a fig tree on the south side of the house. They don’t really look like fig trees – they’re more like very large bushes. We have two Brown Turkey fig trees/bushes in our backyard, and around November Mike prunes, puts a wire cage around them, and fills the cage with leaves.  This last year we had such a mild winter that we didn’t have any die back, and Mike actually picked a couple of ripe figs in early May. Some of the figs pictured on the left went into a Greek salad for my lunch; figs seem to have a particular affinity for goat or feta cheese.

I’ve been picking about three very large and delicious tomatoes every day for the last two weeks. Last year, due to the horrific hail storm and 100+ weather, we only harvested two (that’s right, two!) tomatoes. This year we had a mild June, no hail, and Mike put up shade cloth. And even though it’s really hot right now, the night time temperatures are still falling into the 70’s, which means that the tomato blossoms can set fruit. These same conditions have also resulted in a good green bean and cucumber crop. Peppers and okra, of course, don’t mind the heat.


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