Combining business and pleasure

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

This photo was taken from the Empire Landmark Hotel (no, we stayed at the Hyatt).

Mike and I attended the AERA conference in Vancouver this past week, and wow – what a gorgeous city! The weather was perfect four of the the six days we were there. Everyone kept talking about how expensive Vancouver was, but Mike and I thought the dining, at least, was quite reasonable. We ate at several good places, but the best by far was our dinner at the Centre Culturel Francophone De Vancouver. This meal ranks up there with my all-time top 10 (and I’m pretty old, ya know). What was especially impressive is that the dinner was part of a SIG banquet of about 50 people. Mike and I both had the salad with tomatoes and goat cheese, and the apple pie. For our entrees Mike had the mussels (a huge pot of ’em, cooked in garlic and cream) and frites, while I had the local heritage chicken with farmer mushroom sauce. The apple pie was – I think – close to this recipe, but there was the most faint essence of a rosewater glaze on the top. Our best lunch was at Takis Taverna on Davie Street, where we had very tender lamb, a large serving of rice pilaf, potato, carrot, Greek salad, tzaziki, and pita. Mike’s plate with three lamb chops was $11.00. And right across the street from Takis is the Transylvania Traditions Bakery, which should not be missed.

While we were in Vancouver our own fair city was once again hit by a smallish tornado, if there is such a thing. It was in the F1 – F2 range, and capriciously skipped through the center of town, destroying a lot of trees and only a few buildings. Here at the home of the National Weather Center we usually get plenty of warning about these things, but this one formed quickly and was rain-wrapped. We are very lucky that it didn’t do more damage and no one died. I guess the events of the last two years can put those old wives’ tales to rest: “Norman is protected from tornadoes because of the river ” (no basis in science), or “Norman won’t get hit because of the Indian burial grounds.” (If tornadoes were sentient and had a consciousness, why would they avoid burial grounds but not schools and hospitals?)  People can be so silly.

Oh, and here is a cool web site that shows current wind patterns in the US that my friend Brian sent me.

This next weekend I need to get the rest of the summer garden in – beans, okra, and cucumbers. To the right is something we are trying this year – potatoes planted in compost-filled feed sacks.


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