Hot pepper sauces

Three weeks ago we picked all our peppers before a hard freeze, and we’ve been trying to pickle and dry them in our “free” time. Since Mike got all his grades in yesterday, today he made pickled peppers with the remaining jalapenos, and ground up the red chilis (mixed hot varieties) to  make a fermented sriracha-style chili sauce. He left me a large bowl of the ground chilis to make a batch of Thai sweet chili sauce. I took a taste of my sweet chili sauce as it was cooking a few minutes ago, and I’m thinking that it could be too hot, even for Mike. We may have to gift it to Tuan’s parents, as we did with our excessive harvest of  Habanero peppers several years ago!

P.S. Christmas morning, and Mike canned our sauces. The sweet chili is the darker color, and the fermented chili is the bright red.

Mixed hot red peppers  Cooking up sweet chili sauce

As this is likely my last post of 2011, I created a Best of 2011 slide show.


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