Piled higher and deeper

Shredded leaves and garden waste for compost

The start of something beautiful...

The title of this post refers to two wonderful things that happened recently.

  1. We bought a chipper-shredder. Yeah!!! I’m so excited thinking about all the fabulous compost about to happen. Since our vegetable garden rests atop an old gravel parking area, we are highly dependent on compost.
  2. I finished my PhD in educational psychology. So weird – Mike and I are both Dr. Nelson. Very weird…

We got a Troy-bilt chipper shredder mulcher vac which should take care of our yard and garden waste. (Larger branches we burn in our fire pit or turn into charcoal.) Although our city has a facility where residents can get free compost, I prefer the texture of our own compost, which is more like peat moss than the city stuff. Also, I’ve been reading some articles lately about “killer compost” which worries me a bit (see these articles from the LA Times, Ohio State University, the US Composting Council, and Mother Earth News).

In addition to leaves, garden waste, small branches, and the cleanings from the chicken coop, Mike started adding our (shredded) junk mail to the compost pile this year. It decomposes rapidly, and makes the compost a bit fluffier.


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