A Midsummer’s Night post

Yesterday I finished up my yearly technology workshop marathon insanity – teaching two different 3-hour workshops every day for 5 weeks. Whew! Please don’t ask me anything about Moodle, Google Apps, web pages, video editing, or podcasting for at least a month! Really, it isn’t that bad, but I do wish it could be spread out over the year instead of all crammed into June (with a little spilling over into July).

Mike and I went to Dallas last weekend and visited the Canton First Monday Trade Day (Flea Market), which is billed as the “largest flea market in the world.” This I can believe. It was an interesting experience, but Good Lord! Why do we humans seem to think we need all this crap? And as is usually the case, I only spent $10, and kept saying to myself “I’ve already got all this stuff up in my attic.

Aric and Mike seem to be in a competition to see who can brew the most beer. The boys are all about IPAs, and Aric has a Rye IPA and a dry hopped IPA going, while Mike is now drinking his American IPA, and is doing a Petite Saison session beer. Tomorrow he’ll start a Saison (Chimay-style), the next week a pale ale, and a coffee stout after that.

Garden Update:  Well, we’ve had some really wet, and relatively cool weather lately (the second year in a row that the 4th of July fireworks display has been rained out), but the tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and basil are doing great. The beans are growing like crazy, but it’s been so wet I don’t dare mess with them ’cause I don’t want to spread a virus. I planted a variety of heirloom tomatoes found at the farmers market, and one of them is the enormous Pink Caspian. It is quite tasty, one slice covers a large hamburger bun, and it is meaty, rather than juicy, which means it makes a perfect sandwich/burger tomato. We also have a continuous supply of Grape and Black Cherry tomatoes. We just keep a large bowl o f  them sitting out on the kitchen table – super for snacking, and better for you than M & M’s.


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