When it snows…

Written 4 days ago…

It’s snowing quite vigorously at the moment. We had ice and sleet yesterday, so naturally the whole state of Oklahoma is pretty much shut down. School is closed, the roads are a mess, and I’m at home relaxing and piddling around on the Internet. So a list of things to do while snowbound:

1. Make newspaper seedling plant pots

2. Start spinach and lettuce seedlings inside

  • Heirloom Seeds.com –  has great prices, especially if you only want small packets.
  • You should also check out Wild Garden Seeds, which are all organic and have great pictures of each type.

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One response to “When it snows…

  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! I’ve got to get going on my newspaper pots again myself. I thankfully made more than I needed last year but it’s really just never enough!

    Unless you plan to do lots of culling (or have bad germination rates with your seeds) I recommend only putting 1-2 seeds in each pot. Then you’ll only need to transplant once instead of 2-3 times as the plants grow. There’s less chance of damaging the roots during separation as well.

    All the best for your garden in 2010!! I can’t wait to get started either 🙂

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