Unseasonably cold & warm: typically Oklahoma

LettuceAfter a couple week of unseasonably cold temperatures (lows in the single digits), we are now experiencing unseasonably warm/mild temperatures (lows in the 40’s). However, in Oklahoma the weather fluctuates so much that the term “unseasonable” ceases to have meaning. Today I took a peek under the row covers to see what had survived. The weeds – henbit, chickweed, and rye grass – were flourishing, of course. Small seedling of pak choi and mustard looked good; the larger plants were sadly burned, although most of them will pull through. The spinachspinach looked good, and most surprisingly, the lettuce looked great (Amish Deer Tongue, especially).

Although it feels like I’m jumping the gun, it’s about time to start things for my spring garden. I’m going to start spinach in peat pellets again this year, and try the same with Swiss Chard and lettuce. I’m not going to do peppers, eggplant, and tomatoes.

Tonight we’re going to Barb & Mark’s for a dinner party. We’re taking a nice rustic loaf of bread Mike made, and I’ve made three spreads: Red pepper hummus, green pea “guacamole”, and herbed cheese. For the peacamole I started with this recipe, and then (of course!) made some substitutions.

  • Fresh cilantro, not essential oil (I’ve never even heard of this before)
  • 1 Tbsp lime juice
  • 1 Tbsp pickled jalepenos
  • Sesame seed tahini instead of almond butter

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