Salinas, CA

A few of our purchases from the farmers' market

A few of our purchases from the farmers' market

After a week of tent camping Mike and I decided to get a hotel room in Salinas. I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with this town. Why, you ask?

  1. Farmer’s market 5 days a week
  2. Licensed produce trucks (like old-time peddlers)
  3. A taco truck tradition
  4. An old downtown area that is pretty cool without being uppity

We came over from Monterey for the Saturday farmer’s market and bought some produce and some incredible bread (jalapeno cheese, a roasted garlic and artichoke loaf, and an almond pastry/bread that is to die for – we ate it immediately!). Today, before heading to Big Sur, we’re going to check out a couple of the taco trucks. Chowhound has good info on the local scene andthere is a Google map of the trucks here.

Sunday we ate breakfast at First Awakenings which was very good, and reminded us of First Watch in St. Louis. As it turns out, First Awakenings was originally called First Watch, so maybe they are related – a “breakaway” franchise or something? Afterwards we wandered around the old downtown area, enjoying the displays in the store fronts (I’ll upload pictures to the Photo Gallery when I have more time and a better Internet connection).



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2 responses to “Salinas, CA

  1. Aric Nelson

    I’m just about to finish “East of Eden” (which takes place in the Salinas Valley). Crazy-Weird.

  2. lbjnelson

    Crazy – Mike bought two Steinbeck novels at the Steinbeck museum.

    Also, we visited 3 taco trucks:

    El Grullense:carnitas, buche, and tongue. We really liked the condiments available, especially the roasted jalapeno and pickled carrot.

    Mister Taco: tripas. Different, but good, with a very slight liver taste.

    Mariscos Las Glorias: ceviche mixta tostado, shrimp & octopus ceviche tostado. Enormous amounts of stuff on each tostado, and very fresh.

    We couldn’t find Julio Valdez or any hotdog vendors, which was disappointing, but we were already stuffed, so…

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