Summer with a vengence

Old fashioned hollyhocks

Old fashioned hollyhocks

Matt arrived from Siberia last Thursday and was excited about the summer temperatures for a whole two days. But now he’s escaping to the public library in the mornings and Cafe Plaid in the afternoons. Our house is not air conditioned, which is almost unheard of in Oklahoma. Neither Mike nor I grew up with air conditioning, and we keep telling ourselves “Billions of people live without it, and our ancestors lived without it, so we can too.” It would cost a fortune to cool this house, and a little bit of sweating in the summer has allowed us to send Matt and Aric to fancy-smancy private colleges.

Also, it really cuts down on house guests in the summer! ;>)

Saturday I harvested garlic, and wow… what was I thinking?! I should open a booth at the farmer’s market. But of course garlic is something people are always more than happy to take off your hands, unlike zucchini or mustard greens.



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2 responses to “Summer with a vengence

  1. Aric Nelson

    All your garlics are belonged to me!

    • lbjnelson

      Don’t worry, you’ll get more than you need. Also, I require payment in the form of a tasty garlic recipe.

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