Still life with vegetables

Mid-June harvest

Mid-June harvest

Here is an arrangement of today’s pickin’s from the garden.  Yellow wax bush beans, baby eggplant, serrano chili, bell pepper, and yellow cherry tomato. I’m going to use these in a tofu and noodle stir fry for dinner.

I also harvested a large bag of parsley, and am making pesto with it, adding in fresh oregano, mint, garlic, olive oil,  a squirt of lemon juice, and salt.

basil seedlings
basil seedlings

Tonight I’ll transplant my Genovese and Thai basil, which I broadcast seeded in the garden. Because I save my own seed I always have more than I need, and I’ve found that direct seeding in the garden after the soil has really warmed up works best for basil.  I even have lemon basil coming up on its own – voluntarily. Speaking of which – I have arugula sprouting underneath the patio table (where I harvested the dried seed). Funny, but the pebbles and chat underneath this table seem to be a perfect medium for seedings! I’ll transplant some of the arugula and see how it does in the middle of a nasty hot Oklahoma summer.


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