The sausage king of Norman

Bratwurst and Hungarian Raisin sausage

Bratwurst and Hungarian Raisin sausage

We’re having a Memorial Day shindig this weekend, so last night Mike made about 8 lbs of sausage. These babies need to sit a couple of days for the flavors to develop, and by the smell in our refrigerator, they are going to be quite tasty. We made Hungarian Raisin and Bratwust with added garlic scape pesto (you were probably expecting this, huh?) and fresh parsley. The Hungarian is slightly sweet-spicy with raisins, paprika, hot pepper and fennel (my variation), and the brat is more mellow, which should be a good contrast.

We’re going to smoke some ribs and chicken along with the sausage (sort of a “mixed grill”), and I’ll make a large green salad, some pumpkin rolls, and Mike will also grill some sweet corn. Guests are bringing desserts (Barb has promised one of her famous cheesecakes).

Continuing with the scape theme, I think I’ll make a salad dressing with some of my scape pesto, as recommended in this article. And I found more great scape ideas at ChowHound.


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