Scapes continued

veggie curry, raita, and kiwi-mango fruit salad

veggie curry, raita, and kiwi-mango fruit salad

garlic scape pesto

I’m happy to report that the garlic scapes are a good thing. So far we’ve tried the scape and avocado (scape-amole?), scape and cheese grits souffle, and the scapes and spicy shrimp stir fry.Today for lunch I made a sweet potato and kidney bean curry and served the scape raita with it. Yum!

I think the best thing to do is make scape pesto (scapes, olive oil, salt) and add it to whatever you can. Yesterday I added this pesto to my lunchtime stir-fry, and to some mayo (scape aioli) to go on our veggie burgers at dinner.

This pesto would be great added to rice, noodles, soups, hummus, sour cream, salad dressings, on pizza, in  quesadillas, etc. And since we now have a dehydrator and plenty of scapes, I think I’ll try drying some as recommended here.

Mike and I spent the entire weekend working in the back yard, mostly pulling up violets and digging out daylilies. Actually Mike has been working in the backyard since Thursday, so now we have a huge pile of plants to chop up and compost (I say “we” but I mean Mike!). How can there be so much to do in one urban back yard? And we are by no means finished with our “to do” list –  bean tepees, tomato cages, plant squash, harvest leeks, fertilize, transplant perennials (where the daylilies came out), plant annual flowers, mulch the strawberries, and haul in a load of wood chips for the garden aisles.


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