Garlic scapes

No, this post isn’t about landscaping with garlic : )

I have beau coup garlic this year – more than necessary – although people are always happy to take if off my hands. The bulbs are starting to form scapes, which will become the flower heads with bulbils, if you just leave them alone. However, Kim told me that she cuts them off and cooks ’em up, so I’ve decided I’m going to try that this year. When I let them make bulbils I end up with too many baby garlics reseeding in the garden. These garlic volunteers take at least 2 years to get to a good size (and are taking up space that could be growing other things), so I really ought to be more vicious about keeping the population under control. So anyway, here is a page that explains scapes and has some recipes, a scape page from Mother Earth News, and a great essay with recipes from the New York Times.

Hmmm…. I bet a scape and lettuce soup would be awesome. I’m also thinking of concocting:

  • Scape & Avocado Spread
  • Scape and Cheese Grits Souffle
  • Scapes and Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry
  • Cucumber, Mint, & Scape Raita
  • Scape and (ground) Turkey Potstickers

All of these would go well with an Odell’s beer, wouldn’t they? : )

More garlic recipes, including scapes:
New York Times topic: garlic
More than you probably want to know about garlic.
Green Garlic: the scape
OK, you probably don’t have truffle butter sitting around, but you get the idea…
Mariquita Farm and Down on the Farm Recipes from CSA’s.

On a slightly sad note, I must report that the spinach has been harvested and removed. It was bolting also, and and has been replaced by 10 peppers, 6 eggplant, and one tomatillo (which will be plenty, believe me!). So far we’ve enjoyed spinach salad, spinach quesadillas, and an easy saute that Mike made up using olive oil, garlic, spinach, and a dash of basalmic vinegar.


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