Lettuce soup?

What to do when you have too much lettuce...

What to do when you have too much lettuce...

What to do when all your lettuce starts to bolt at the same time?

The last week has been awfully wet, and warm too. Good conditions for tomatoes – not so great for lettuce. Of course this lettuce has been in the ground, just hanging out, for about 4 months, so I can’t really complain. There is no way Mike and I can eat all of this stuff in salads, so I decided to try lettuce soup. Sounds weird, I know, but the reviews on Epicurious were good.

Naturally I had to make a few changes to the recipe so I could use more stuff from my garden: leeks, mint, and dill.

I used a leek instead of onion, a red potato and with the skin on, and added the minced garlic and a little fresh mint at the blending stage. Then I chopped fresh dill and sprinkled on top. It was quite good, and are the reviews said, it is very versatile. Mike and I agreed that it tasted like a cross between broccoli and asparagus soup. This makes me very happy that I can use the “old” lettuce in the garden for a tasty soup!

While in Fort Collins I couldn’t resist buying two artichoke plants and some Galactic lettuce. I’m going to plant them together in large pots and see how they do.

A note on beer making – check out all the free recipes at Hops & Berries, and this software for serious brewers.


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