front range ramblings, part 1

Classic sampler on the Odell's patio

Classic sampler on the Odell's patio

Gosh I love Fort Collins! I need one of my offspring to move here. Some observations:

  1. Yes, there are still irrigation ditches, and still some open land in the center, although not as much (the fort has more than doubled since our undergraduate days).
  2. Yes, it still smells like cows.
  3. And people are still laid back outdoorsy environmentally aware, and not as intensely “hip” as Boulder. The Food  Co-op is still running, in the same location, but maybe a little less funky. There is also a Whole Foods Market (meh).
  4. Great improvements since 1980 as far as coffee/bistro/beer (not that we could have affording these back in the day!) Check out Hops & Berries – great selection.
  5. And the Old Town is booming with eateries, pubs, art galleries, gift galleries, sporting goods, etc.

On Monday we went for a drive up Poudre Canyon and then back to town through Rist Canyon. Stopped at a great nursery – The Plantorium, where we bought a rhubarb plant and a tomatillo plant.  Then we went to O

Between Niwot and Boulder

Between Niwot and Boulder

dell’s and tried two different samplers and bought some six packs. Unf

ortunately New Belgium was closed. Next on to Boulder, where we tried (and bought) some meads at Redstone Meadery. Bought three varieties of Hay

stack goat cheese at Whole Foods, and then crashed at Deborah and Alan Nelson’s house.


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